Our facilitated Brand Charrette has been refined over 15 years of working with builders, developers, planners and architects, and has been designed to get the very best thinking from your team members to uncover the key elements of your community’s identity. It works as well for small companies and communities as it does for small towns.



With the findings from the Brand Charrette as our foundation, the Brand Positioning defines the platform and personality that will resonate most deeply with your intended target audiences, whether they are residents, retailers or office tenants.



SparkFire Branding’s Expressioneering™ process explores the most creative, strategic expression of your brand. By presenting up to 10 concepts (unlike the typical 2 to 3), we invite team critique and true collaboration that results in everyone’s confidence in the final campaign.


With a strategic position and a memorable campaign, you’re ready to go to market. We’ll tailor a marketing strategy and a media plan to your lead-generation goals and budget, then continually optimize your messaging and media to maximize performance.